Friday, July 13, 2012

Ulta Issues


For the love of Pete.

First things first, I LOVE Ulta. I spend way too much time and money in there! A month or so ago, they were offering free trial subscriptions to Allure and Glamour magazines. I saw them offering it but wasn’t asked if I wanted it. I would have said no because I don’t really do magazines. Well a couple of weeks ago I received the magazines in the mail. I just thought to myself, “Well, whatever.”

I am Anal Annie about checking our online checking account pretty much everyday. A few years ago this happened and since then I check things out regularly. Well, yesterday there was a debit in there for Glamour magazine for like $10. I called them and asked how they got my information and why they charged me for something that I didn’t ask for. The nice lady replied that they got my info from Ulta-my debit card number to be exact-for the magazine subscription. I politely told her that I wasn’t asked and that I didn’t want it. She was very nice and refunded me my money.

My beef is with Ulta. They have my debit card number because I have a rewards card with them. Why do they link the two? Why do they keep peoples credit card/debit card numbers? Why are they sharing those with other companies WITHOUT permission?

I really don’t want to break up with Ulta but I am pretty ticked off!!!!!

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