Wednesday, July 11, 2012


When I was in high school(umpteen years ago) and still living at home we went to my grandparents’ farm and got two super sweet kitties! A girl, Fancy, and a boy, Max. Fancy is the stripped one, Max is gray. Fancy’s nicknames were Fancy Kitty, Frances, Francene, Kitty Kitty and Kitty Frances. Max’s were Maxton and Maxton Farsworth. Don’t ask.img488 They were so lovable! And they loved each other SO much! We used to say they “made-out” all the time…img489 img490

After a year or so we found out that Max had feline leukemia. He was fine for a while and then got really sick and we had to have him put to sleep. That day was awful! The vet sent him home that night so we could say goodbye to him and then my step-dad had to take him the next morning to be put down. Ugh, so sad. That was the day of my senior prom. img492

After that Fancy went a little cray cray. The main thing that we couldn’t handle was that she was peeing in the house all the time. My Mom decided to take her back to my grandparents’ farm. So they did. We would periodically check on her and one day my granddad said he hadn’t seen her in a while.

Six months later she showed up back at my mom’s house. That’s like 10 miles! AND she had to cross a very busy interstate!

Suffice it to say she was back home! AND she learned her lesson because she was the perfect kitty from then on out.


A couple of months ago she came up missing for about a week. My parents decided that she probably we off and died. She was 13 so that would make sense. Then they were in the garage and heard her in the attic! She had been trapped up there for a week! No food or water. She recuperated from that.

Then a couple of weeks ago my parents were doing something in the garage and the garage door fell on her and killed her! Seriously. She survived ALL that and the dang garage door had to fall on her?

It was traumatic. She suffered because it was Sunday and the vet close to their house was closed. There wasn’t time to get her to the emergency vet before she was gone. :(

I’m not about to tell Griffin, Peyton and Reece. Griffin is still so upset about his teacher that passed away in January. I’m not adding to that. I don’t think he can handle it.

I’m just going to think about her and Max making out in kitty Heaven! :)

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