Thursday, July 19, 2012


Typing that title makes me wonder what you people “up north” call go-karts!? Like you say “quads” and we say “four-wheeler”!

Random, I know.

I forgot these pictures were on Josh’s phone. We also took family pics on the beach that I will post soon!

When we were at the beach we decided to let the boys ride go-karts. Josh and I didn’t really want to ride and as it turned out, the boys are tall enough to ride on their own now. Tear.20120707_180307 20120707_18060220120707_180552 I figured it would be a mad competition with each other and the other go-kart riders!

But, no.

They were s-l-o-w. Putt, putt, putt.

Officer Hubby says that if they drive anything like that when they turn 16 he has nothing to worry about! HA!

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