Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lost and Found

Soon after we returned home from the beach we discovered that our house was apparently struck by lightning. Lucky for us the plugs that were zapped were in the garage. My deep freezer had defrosted and water from it was everywhere.

Fast forward a day or so and I open the garage to leave for work and there stood Cracker Jack & Niko in the drive way. We have an underground fence that does not allow them on the driveway. Sometimes the batteries in the collars run down and they can get by the fence but never both of them. Niko NEVER goes anywhere near the fence. He is smart enough to know better! So them both being in the driveway meant that something was wrong with the fence.

Long story short, when the lightning struck it blew the fence box up. Literally. The company that made the fence is sending us a new one for pretty cheap and we are waiting on it!

Meanwhile, the dogs got into trouble. They jumped up on Josh’s pawpaw truck trying to get the cat and scratched it all up. So they were put in their pen. Josh felt sorry for them yesterday and let them out. When he woke up yesterday afternoon they were g-o-n-e. For reals.

Have I mentioned we live in the boonies?

So Hubs and the boys rode around for over an hour yesterday looking for them.

I silently began to freak my freak. I’m SURE someone would pick Niko up in a heartbeat.

Then I received a text from Hubby…20120716_182733 Turds. He knew he was in trouble!

They found another dog and were chillin’ with him.

Guess they’ll have fun in the pen until the new box arrives!

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