Friday, July 20, 2012


It was cray cray at our house last night. We didn’t get home until later than normal because I went with Reece to her Open House at school and Josh took the boys for haircuts. By the time we went to bed we had two dead chickens, Josh had stepped on a bee or something, got a tick off of Griffin and Niko had a hurt leg. All along with our other crazy “normal” night!

Back to the chickens. I had a few veggie scraps for them so I sent the boys down to the coop to give it to them. Josh was cutting grass. A few minutes later Griff came inside saying he found two dead chickens and started to cry. So I ran out and got Josh and we went to the coop where, sure enough, there were two of our dead hens, belly up. And it was two of our favorite, most docile ones! GRRR!

Of course Officer Hubby launched a full investigation of the crime scene.

Turns out: It was the Rooster.

He is learning to mate and apparently he is, ahem, too rough.

As far as I am concerned he’s a dead rooster. I don’t know if Hubs plans to give him another chance or not. I say no. Because when we combine them with my silkie babies(who are so very delicate!) there’s no way they will survive.20120713_174029And you definitely don’t mess with my silkie babies!

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thoennes5 said...

I say get rid of the rooster! That is so sad:(