Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our Famous Alabamian

Griffin’s class has been studying Alabama History. Last night at Leadership Night(awards night) at school they each dressed as a famous Alabamian and had a little wax museum! They were all dressed up as their famous Alabamian and they stood around in a pose. Everyone walked around and tapped them on the shoulder and they would tell you about their Alabamian! It was fun! But poor Griffin, that’s just NOT his thing! When he found out that he had to even do a presentation to the class on his Alabamian he was sick. He HATES to speak in front of people like that.  He even asked his teacher how bad it would hurt his grade if he just took a “0” on the assignment! Um no. Ha! Once he got his little speech written we rehearsed over and over and over and over! He had to say his speech in class Friday. He got up to do it and of course his classmates know how nervous he gets so they looked at each other and said, “Let’s just all turn around!!” So they all turned their backs and Griffin made his speech like a pro! :) His teacher wanted to cry and of course when she told us so did I!

Meet Joseph Wheeler!20130318_173334 He did great during the wax museum also! He kept looking at me when people would tap him because he kept forgetting parts of his speech. So I told him that no one would know if he messed up and just to keep on talking! He was better after that!

He was SO relieved once it was all over! He was bouncing around the house all night! haha!

We’re so proud of our sweet boy!

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