Thursday, March 14, 2013

Baby Names!

Praise the LORD, we finally have NAMES! Settling on a boy name was fairly easy. We knew we both still liked Brooks for a middle name(that was Reece’s middle name if she was a boy). After MUCH discussion we have decided that if it’s a boy his name is

Landon Brooks

We’ve had the boy name for a while now. Coming to an agreement on a girl name has been HARD. We both loved the name Landry(total coincidence that the boy name is Landon, kinda the same!) but couldn’t come up with any middle names that we really liked. Josh’s middle name is Brett(Joshua Brett) and so I REALLY wanted the name to be Landry Bret. Griffin has my middle name, Lee, so to me it’s only fitting that our last child have his middle name!

Except the hubs has to agree to the name and he wasn’t having it! We kind of were thinking Landry Kate for a little while and just weren’t in love with that. Probably because I REALLY wanted it to be Bret! haha! Then a week or so ago Hubs broke the news that he really didn’t like Landry anymore and he liked Avery better. And I immediately said, “Avery Bret?!” And he just looked at me like “um not really.” HAHA! And I had to think about Avery.


So about a week has passed and I decided that I really do like Avery Bret and I don’t know if Hubs is just tired of thinking of names or if he has decided that he really likes it or if he’s just tired of hearing me whine about baby names BUT if it’s a girl her name is definitely

Avery Bret

So thankful to be settled on this! This is HUGE off of my to-do list people! :)

And now we can have a baby!


Justin and Marcie said...

LOVE them both!!

Jenna said...

Awhhh! YAY! I love them BOTH! :)

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

I LOVE them both! Griffin, Peyton and Landon? I mean, come on! That is perfect!! And Reece and Avery as sister is adorable, too. This is so so exciting!!

Ill likely be sharing our names once we find out sexes..but Ill tell you that if there is a girl in my belly, she will likely be named Reece. :)

April said...

Thank y'all so much! I'm so excited about these names!
Erin, that is SUPER exciting! And you NEEEED a girl! ;)

Nikki said...

I love love love the name Brooks! I love both choices!