Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ultrasound-Big Baby!

We had our ultrasound yesterday. It seems that we may have a big baby after all! I don’t know about all that. After getting all the measurements the ultrasound tech told me that most likely the weight she was about to tell me was “off” and that the baby was more than likely smaller than this…6 pounds and 2 ounces! She said she thinks closer to 5 1/2 pounds. I think I about died when she said that! I will only be 35 weeks tomorrow! She switched the ultrasound over to 3D just for fun and man oh man…it looks JUST LIKE Peyton! I don’t have any pictures because they charge $150 for the 3D ultrasound but here…pey5

That’s Peyton and exactly what it looks like anyway! haha!

We also learned that baby LURVES to suck on it’s toes and hands. TOES and feet were in it’s face the whole time! Very talented child as per the u/s tech! :)

She also took a 3D pic of a foot and it’s feet are already 3 INCHES long. Go ahead and pull your ruler out. What. So now I think it’s a boy.

And then I think back over my pregnancy and think it’s a girl.

So, I’m 50/50 straight down the middle and can’t wait to be surprised!

As far as the baby being big, my doctor said we’ll just do another ultrasound closer to time to check it out again and go from there. I’m VERY anxious about this. And hoping that it doesn’t get too big because I am TERRIFIED of the c-word.


JULIE said...

I can't for that little boy or girl to come. I still don't know how you are holding out on finding out. Also I don't think the ultrasound weights are right, I had one done 3 days before EG was born and it said like 6lbs she was 7lbs 11oz.

April said...

That's what I'm hoping is going on!