Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Little Injury

It’s a fact Jack! Officer Hubby + dogs at work=bad news!

I was fresh out of the shower when Hubby arrived home from work Sunday morning. He came into our bathroom to change and was like, “got bit by a dog last night.” All nonchalantly, like it was no big deal. In fact, he was smiling. I swear cops are weird like that. They thrive off of stuff like this. Of course I’m like “WHAT????” And immediately I’m a little pissed that no one called me. He told them not to because it was “no big deal”. Um, you got ATTACKED by a dog Lover. Maybe that’s not such a big deal to call and wake your pregnant wife at 3:00am and I know that was what he was thinking BUT I AM TERRIFIED that something really will happen to him and no one will call me!


He was just backing up someone and was standing outside the residence. The officers inside had already petted the dog and he seemed safe. The dog came outside and was sniffing around, saw Josh and went for him! Bit him on his left leg first, tearing his pants. Hubby went to draw his gun and was going to kick at the dog and tripped over a concrete landscape block and fell to the ground. At which time the dog took a CHUNK out of his right leg. There was another officer outside and somehow got the dogs attention, I’m not going to even put on here how & off the dog went. Eight stitches later and he’s limping around like me! We looked like some 90 year olds for a day or so! Supposedly the dog is up to date on all of it’s shots, but that is being verified!

Officer Hubby is doing just fine! And, hey, this is only his second injury in almost 10 years to require medical attention so I think he’s doing pretty good! Besides, boys like battle wounds! haha!

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