Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where have I been?

My poor blog has taken a backseat. :( I’m just a busy little bee!

I woke to this sweetness Saturday morning! I love how she is the perfect mix of me, Josh, Griffin and Peyton! There’s a little bit of all of us in her! Well, a lot of me. :)20120311_075742I made that Snicker’s salad that’s on Pinterest… It was ok. I won’t be making it again.20120310_121044  We’ve been spending ALOT of time with chicky chicks!20120313_180617 Moved them to one of our dog crates…works PERFECT! Here they are napping…20120310_113832And in my not so  spare time, I’m usually at the gym! See, you can do two things at once…and if you know me in real life you are laughing right now!20120314_111540Hey, watching Y&R AND burning 150 calories at the SAME TIME!!!! Hellllurrrrr!20120314_112852 Have I mentioned that I am dying for some beach time??? I REALLY want to spend my 30th birthday down there in a few weeks, but there’s an air show here that weekend. Hubs will more than likely have to work. Goody. Not only should you be thanking cops for their sacrifices but you should thank their WIVES! haha!

Actually, you should. We worry. A LOT.


Lindsay said...

Can you please come kidnap me everyday and make me go to the gym? Ugh I'm such a whale!

April said...

haha! Yeppers!

April said...
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