Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sweet Emmalynn

The real reason that I didn’t have any pictures of my sweet new niece in my last post was because she was in the NICU. And still is. I wouldn’t dare broadcast it on here but now her parents have made things “facebook official” and so pretty much everyone knows now!
Isn’t she so beautiful?!IMG_4561
For some reason her lungs were not fully developed and so we’re all just patiently waiting on them!
VERY patiently.
My sister in law was discharged yesterday. Boo. I can not imagine having to leave my baby that I had just carried for 9+ months!
I can not wait to kiss those sweet cheeks!!
Please keep her in your prayers!


Cherry Berry said...

What a beautiful, sweet girl. Hope she gets out of the NICU soon.

April said...

Thanks! Me too!