Monday, March 5, 2012

And then there were TEN…

On  Thursday, Hubby, Griff and Peyton decided that four chicks wasn’t enough. So off they went to buy more and ended up getting SIX more! That means we now have 10 chicks living with us!


Gosh I took this pic Thursday and they have at least doubled in size! They grow so fast!20120302_122934

They are all so cute and friendly! We’ve had fun catching grasshoppers and feeding them to them! Well Griffin has been doing the catching…y’all know I’m not touching those things!

Side note: Griffin caught too many grasshoppers on Friday so I told him to just leave them in the box he had them in and stick them outside(he had pulled their legs off so they weren’t going anywhere! hahahahaha)…the next morning I found them in our brand new deep freezer!!! AHHH!! Thankfully there was no food in there yet! ha! So not only did he de-leg them, he froze them to death! Gosh.

Cluckingham Palace is coming right along… 20120304_175023Josh and his Dad have worked their BUTTS off on this thing! Can’t wait til it’s done!

On Saturday we went to our friend Addison’s 4th birthday party! It was Alabama themed and Big Al showed up :) My boys thought they were too big to take a picture with him and Reece…


She talked about the party all week and was so excited to see Big Al, until he walked in the door! She disappeared and I found her crying in the bathroom! Oh well!


Addison's Party 008

Addison's Party 002

Addison's Party 010

PeyPey wasn’t feeling well that day…said he had a headache!

I started getting twin comments on the boys again this weekend! They are the same size these days! :)

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