Monday, January 5, 2009

Million Dollar Question

We had a great time New Year's Eve! It was so nice to have time to ourselves and there was nothing but ADULT conversation! We didn't take one single picture...I think we were both too lazy to keep up with the camera! There was one question that I bet we were asked about 47 times that night....."ya'll have THREE!! kids?!?! How do you do it?" Honestly, we get this question ALL THE TIME. I really don't see what the big deal is. There are only three of them. We aren't the Duggars...and we never will be! It is not that hard to manage. Don't get me wrong, there are times when Josh and I want to shoot ourselves but we just try to relax and get through it the best we know how. I definitely recommend the date night thing to any couple who has kids. It helps so much. I really don't have any parenting advice....if you really want to see how we do it, then come on over and see for yourself!

Now, for an update on Mako. Not good....not good at all. After my last post on Wednesday Josh talked with the vet again and they said that he may be able to come home on Friday. So, Friday morning I called and they told me that he had eaten a can of dog food the day before but now he was being picky again. She said that they wanted us to come and visit him and bring him some of his food from home...depending on how he did with us, he may be able to leave with us. That afternoon we loaded up the kiddos and headed over there. They put us in a room and brought him in. SO SKINNY.....skinnier than he was when he first went in. He wouldn't really eat for us either. :( The boys started to get bored and so I took the kids to the car while Josh stayed to try and get him to eat. No such luck. As I sat in the car I looked up to see my sweet hubby walking towards the car with an empty leash. :( They told him to check back in on Saturday. He called Saturday and they told him to call today. This morning they told him to bring his food from home again and visit with him. I hope our sweet boy makes it though this. They have done blood work, x-rays, you name it and they can't find out what is wrong. I'll update this afternoon after Josh visits him.

***Mako update*** Basically, in a nutshell, they have no freakin idea what is wrong with our dog. Grr. There has been talk with a specialist in Mississippi and the vet said something to Josh about taking him over there. Sheesh. Our bill at our normal vet is $705! No kidding. And specialist will = more $$$$$. So we decided that he should come home for a few days and see what we can do with him. We normally don't feed him "people food" but at this point we are just trying to get anything down him. Josh just called me and said that we have a new family member that LOVES grits! Hey, whatever he'll eat!

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