Monday, January 12, 2009

The Bright Star

Whew, what a weekend! On Friday we headed up to The Bright Star for dinner. It was Allison's pick since we were celebrating her birthday. We were supposed to meet there at 7 pm. We actually arrived 20 minutes early and decided to wait in the car for everyone else to arrive. When it was time to get out of the car G-man said that he was tangled in his seat belt. I got out and tried to get him out and couldn't. So, Josh got out and tried for about 10-15 minutes to untangle him! DON'T ASK ME HOW THIS HAPPENED!!!! WE HAVE NO CLUE!!! Geeze~Josh ended up having to cut the seat belt off of him...I mean we even took his clothes off trying to get him out! Boys will be boys I guess! Dinner was YUMMO! When we got ready to leave I starting digging around looking for my got it...locked in the car! ugh...luckily, my window is messed up so Josh broke in! ha!

Katie, me, Brooke, Allison

That's my sweet hubby waaaaaaay across the table!

G-man-after being tangled up and "freaked out"

Master P and his spaghetti

Saturday night was my little sister Kelsie's beauty walk. We were so excited about going. Well, on Saturday morning before Josh went to bed the Chief called and told him he had to come in early because someone else had called in. We were so mad!But, my friend Jamie was able to go with me and we had a ton of fun....except for the part where my sister didn't win....seriously, what were the judges thinking?!?!?! I forgot my camera so I don't have any pics. :(

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