Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baby Girl's Eyes

Every year a person from Birmingham comes by the preschool that our kids go to with some sort of special camera. They take a real close up picture of the kids' eyes to see if they think they may have vision problems. It's free so I usually do it. I never really think much about it because Josh and I both have very good vision. The boys' results have always come back fine, no problems. Well, this was Baby Girls first time to have it done because she just started preschool a few months ago. We got the results back a month or so ago. I was stunned to see that it said that she more than likely THREE different eye problems. I immediately called Josh and freaked out. Not that there is anything wrong with glasses but my sweet baby girl?!?!?!? Kids are mean and I was terrified of her being made fun of! I talked with her pediatrician and she told me which eye doctor to take her to. Monday was her appointment. I filled out all the paperwork, Baby Girl helped. Then I entertained her until they called us back....and THAT will wear you out! When they called her back the lady was like, "Are you I******a?" to me. I said, "No, she is." "OH MY, she is the youngest one I have EVER seen here.", she said. I thought, "OH CRAP, I am about to throw up." Then she leaves the room and comes back and said, "I just had to find out what I needed to do since she is so young." By this point I am really scared! She put the drops in her eyes, which kept them dialated for 24 hours! Then the doctor came in...she was FABULOUS and calmed my nerves so much. She checked out her eyes for about 15 minutes and could not find ONE thing wrong with them. So, just to be sure, she got the other doctor to check as well. He couldn't find anything either! YAY! In a nutshell, those baby blues are perfect!

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