Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Fabulous Date!

Last night Josh and I went to Iguana Grill. It was yummmmy! The atmosphere was so neat, probably the coolest we've seen in a while. We talked about our kids growing too fast, the bad things they sometimes say and having another baby(uh-huh, we did!). Oh and not finding out the sex of the baby until it's born! I think I may have him talked into that one! I tried to talk him into posting on here...maybe you'll hear from him soon! Our next romantic hot spot was Walmart-ha! I know it sounds crazy, but we needed groceries and we had fun getting them by ourselves! I love date night!

OK, now to TOTALLY change the subject! :) I have a really good friend from high school that I want to tell you about. His name is Todd Bridges, we have lost touch since being in school but keep up with each other through Facebook, Myspace and all that fun stuff that is WAY too addicting! Anywho, he and his wife, Jess, have three beautiful daughters(5 and under!). They have been planning for several years now to go to Africa(Equatorial Guinea) to be missionaries to children in crisis. Jess has started a blog and I am adding it to my list. Please visit and keep them in your prayers. They plan to be in the country sometime in June--which is not that long from now!

I am also adding My Charming Kids to the list. Well, just because I LOVE MckMama and all of her MckKids!

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Heather said...

Patrick & I have been wanting to try Iguana Grill....
We always seem to end at Walmart when we have a date night too ;)