Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Man o man...this is depressing! I just found a few pics of the boys when they were little...I mean TINY! It makes me sad because it seems like yesterday that they were born! And here G-man is about to start Kindergarten. Try not to cry all you grandmommies...I am shedding enough tears for us all!

This is G-man at about 7 months old giving himself a breathing treatment....remember he had to take these at least twice per day for the first two years of his little life! See how much Baby Girl looks like him in this one!

This was when Master P was about 3 months old and G-man was 18 months.

G-man was two in this one and yes, still sucking that darn pappy!

Master P at Christmas, he turned two the next month!

Master P was almost two in this one as well.

Hope you enjoyed the look back! I will post more oldies when I get a chance!


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Katie C said...

Oh my gosh...those sweet babies just aren't babies anymore! I can't believe how time has flown by!