Friday, June 13, 2008

Father's Day

Josh had his Father's Day breakfast with the boys today at school. It was a come and go type of thing and both classes were having it at the same time so he really didn't have an opportunity for pictures. :( But, they always do these fill-in-the-blank sheets for the dads and I thought that I would share what the boys said about their daddy...who, by the way, is the best daddy in the world!


My daddy is the most wonderful daddy in the world. He is as handsome as a ---lion---. He is as strong as a ---building---. He can lift ---13--- pounds and is ---10--- feet tall. His favorite food is ---tuna---. His favorite activity is ---sleeping all day---. In the good old days when Daddy was little he used to ---go to the beach and play with Uncle Matt---. I think my Daddy is funny when he ---makes funny faces---. I know my Daddy is really mad when he ---spanks me---. I wish my Daddy would ---play Lincoln Logs---with me everyday. I would not trade Daddy for ---my house---.

Master P

My daddy's name is ---Josh---. He is ---10--- feet tall and weighs ---15---pounds. His hair is ---black--- and his eyes are ---blue---. Even though he is ---10--- years old, he still looks good. I help my daddy by ---taking out the trash---. When we are at home my daddy and I ---play---. The best thing about my daddy is ---his trophies---. I love my daddy because ---I do---. But he gets really mad when I ---hit---. When I am really good he gives me ---candy---. While I am at school he ---is at work---. I am glad he is my daddy because ---I am supposed to---.

How sweet were those?!?! I love their innocence!

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