Friday, June 27, 2008


I am so tired, I can't even think of a title for this! HA! It's been another crazy week at our house! Monday, Hubby had his test with the UA - he passed and had an interview that same day. Hopefully we will here something from them SOON! He had a test with Northport today and passed it as well. One of the two better call soon! Wednesday was Baby Girl's 6 month check up. It went well other than the shots....that afternoon G-man started complaining about his ear..again. Wednesday night there was a storm that came through that blew over several trees and knocked out our power for 4 hours! That down right sucked....try entertaining a 6 month old baby who had a fever and felt like crap from her shots and two busy little boys, one of which had a sore ear. Hubby was at work, so that left me. I kept thinking that the power would be back on soon because Alabama Power at first said it would be back on at 8:30, then they said 9:30 and finally they said 1:30 AM!! Thank heavens it came back on around 10:00. It was SO hot and the boys were going crazy without the power, they were asleep by the time it came back on. By Thursday at lunch G-man was running a temp and you could not get anywhere near his ear without him crying...poor baby. So, off to the doctor I went with him. His appointment was at 3:15 and Thursday is my BUSY day at in no time to spare whatsoever let alone leaving for a while, so I knew that I would somehow have to work late. Allison and Brad volunteered themselves to keep ALL THREE of the kiddos since I needed to work and Hubby was at work. TALK ABOUT BIRTH CONTROL! HA! She has a little story herself about the afternoon...see the McMichael blog. G-man has an ear infection. Poor little guy, he is in so much pain. Hopefully he will be better by tonight. We have a busy weekend ahead! Marley's 1st birthday party tomorrow and tons of other "weekend stuff"!

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