Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fun Times at Mimi & Pop's

We had a little get together at Mimi & Pop's house Monday night. The sad thing was that Daddy couldn't be there because he had to work. :( But, we still had fun! It was Baby Girl's first time to actually get in a swimming pool. At first she wasn't sure but then she was ok with it. G-man officially decided that he doesn't need floaties anymore! He is such a little fish! AND A DAREDEVIL!!! That child is not afraid of anything...which is scary! The pics towards the bottom are funny because G-man, Uncle Brad and Uncle Douglas got into a little competition..and of course, G-man wouldn't be outdone! It was hilarious!

The Competition Begins....

Just before the "Moon Bug" of which I REALLY wish I had a pic!

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