Thursday, September 1, 2016

Our First Broken Bone(s)

Well friends, we have experienced our first broken bone with our kids. And, of course, we can't do anything simple so it's actually THREE broken bones.

Last Thursday, when the boys arrived home from football practice Griffin was limping. My heart sank. He said another child fell on it at practice but that the trainers thought it was just sprained. My mommy heart thought otherwise but the hubs and I decided to give it a day or so. The next day my poor baby went to school and hobbled around all day. I decided if he wasn't WAY better the next day we were having it x-rayed. Saturday rolled around and it wasn't better so Josh took him to the doctor. I stayed at home with the other kiddos because we are working on switching Brooks and Reece's rooms! After about an hour and a half I text the hubs to check in and he sent this back...

It would be safe to say I had a complete come-apart. Like, it was bad. The other three kids came to my rescue and were super sweet and calmed me down. I know it's not my fault but if I would have listened to my mommy instinct he wouldn't have walked around for two days like that. SO MAD AT MYSELF!

But, he thinks it's cool...

On Tuesday he had surgery. They placed a few pins in his foot that will stay in for about a month and then they will come out. Ouch. Let me tell you how tough this kid is. Before the surgery, he had NO pain medication...he was in NO PAIN. Blows my mind. And, even since surgery, he doesn't complain hardly at all. He is such a trooper and we are so proud of him!

This was us post-surgery..just hanging out and having a Netflix day! Love my Griff!

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