Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Time for Football!

Man. I'm feeling old today. Griffin and Peyton have their first football game tonight!  I'm nervous and excited and freaking my freak. I'm terrified, really. They have been practicing since May, so hopefully they are prepared. Yes, all summer. In the 975 degree heat.

Our school is not very old, so the football programs are very young. I could care less if we win any games(of course I want them to win, for their sake) I just don't want them to get hurt. I hope they learn to love the sport and take all their frustrations out on the field! ha!

Please excuse their hair and sweaty-ness! This was right after they got home from practice last night and I was all like, "OH MY GAHHHHHH, look at y'all in your jersey's!!!!" Followed by lots of eye rolling and, "DO NOT PUT THIS ON INSTAGRAM!" haha! These two make me laugh everyday! :)

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