Monday, August 1, 2016

Moving on up!

Our sweet Brooks baby moved up to a new class at school today!! It makes me so sad that he will turn four in this class!

He is such a big boy! He doesn't need our help much anymore with anything, "I super skrong, I do it!" is what we hear all the time!

I'm pretty sure he's super man!

I have a recent little story to share about him. On this past Friday, his teacher called me. She said that they were out on the playground and he had stuffed his ears with this rubber stuff that the playground is made out of! UGH. They weren't sure if they got it all out and since that would potentially cause big problems if they didn' to the doctor we went. His doctor walked in the room with a HUGE smile on her face. This was not a surprise to her! HAHA! Such a little boy thing to do! His ears were fine.

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