Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Adoption Update!

September has been HUGE!

* We were matched on 9/6/16.
* Our dossier was mailed to China on 9/16/16.
* Our dossier was logged in, in China, on 9/20/16.
* We celebrated Mia's birthday on 9/23/16.
* We received our Letter of Acceptance on 9/27/16.

Things of note:

Most of the time, but not all of the time(obvi), a family's dossier is already in China and logged in by the time they are matched. This was not the case for us because, well, you know why. See this post if you don't. We were waiting on one measly little piece of paper to be certified and authenticated before we could send our dossier to China. Everything was finally together and ready to ship out on 9/16/16. It's supposed to take two weeks to arrive in China and be logged in their system. Ours took 4 days, and two of those were weekend days!

Then it was time to wait for LOA. This usually takes a few weeks up to a few months to receive. Apparently we are trying to break records because we received it on 9/27/16!!! WHAT! And guess what day it was signed by China!

9/23/16-Mia Faith's birthday!!!! :)

It seriously made my day when I saw that!

So, on Mia's birthday we were pretty bummed. It's hard, y'all! When I got to work the girls threw a surprise party for her complete with a cake that looked like a Panda Bear and lots of things with her monogram on them! That night we had a little party for her at home, we sang and ate cupcakes! It was all good for my soul!

At the beginning of the year, our agency released travel dates for the year. One of those dates is Josh's birthday. He has had a feeling all year that this will be the day we travel! He has felt this way since the beginning of our adoption! At first I was skeptical, because I thought we would NEVER get here! LOL Now that things are lining up...I feel like he's right! Oh what a birthday that would be for him! Best one ever!

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