Monday, August 17, 2015

Vroom Vroom

On Saturday we were up bright and early, 4am, to head to Talladega for the Hubby to drive a race car! Dude, that’s super early on my only day to “sleep in”! But, he had a fun time so that’s really all that matters! He drove 6 laps around and could have gone 60 more! ha! His top speed was about 173 mph! He likes to drive fast! :) It was fun to watch him zoom by!IMG_20150815_075004Brooks LOVES cars! He is always talking about “wace cars!” He wasn’t too happy when we told him he couldn’t drive!IMG_20150815_094506 IMG_20150815_111949 Yesterday, we celebrated my sweet niece’s 8th birthday! It was also my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary! What a crew we have!FB_IMG_1439766009393

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