Monday, August 10, 2015

Tonsils, Be Gone!

July was a crazy month for us! We passed around strep throat and some of us had it more than once! The last time that I got it I went to the doctor on a Monday morning, had a strep test that was positive and got a shot. Hubby had a sore throat also so he went after me. Since we all had had strep except for him at that point they didn’t do a strep test, just went ahead and treated him for it since we all assumed that’s what it was. Two days later he was still super sick, I’ve NEVER seen him so sick. His temperature was 104 and we couldn’t get it down! I took him back to the doctor, they ran more tests and gave more shots. Two days later he was feeling some better and Reece had her tonsils and adenoids removed…more on that in a minute. The next day Hubby started feeling bad AGAIN. I wanted to pull my hair out because seeing him so sick SUCKED. We went BACK to the doctor, had MORE blood work and were referred to the ENT…who just took Reece’s tonsils out 3 days earlier. He didn’t like the way things looked(inside his throat and also his lymph node was HUGE on the side of his neck) and listened very well to us about how he is never sick and sent Hubs right on over for a CAT scan. It was scary because depending on what that test said we would be headed into surgery or possibly admitted to the hospital for IV meds. HELLO! We already had one patient at home! Hubby was so sick he was ready to just be admitted to the hospital. Seriously, if you know him you KNOW how huge that is. It turned out that there was no abscess and the doctor decided to give him a few days before admitting him. THANKFULLY, after some heavy steroids and antibiotics he turned the corner! He was sick for TWO WEEKS!

So, I mentioned that while all this was going on Reece had her tonsils and adenoids removed. That was a nightmare! I knew it would be bad but really I didn’t prepare myself enough. Let’s mention how bad it was when I had my tonsils removed…I was Reece’s age and I had issues big time with mine! I had to be taken back THREE times to have my throat cauterized because of bleeding. If you have never had this happen… LUCKY YOU! I was terrified this would happen to her.

The morning of her surgery everything went well. She was the first surgery of the day so we didn’t have to wait long and she didn’t have to starve long! What was bad was that she had never had surgery before and coming out of the anesthesia was HELL. She was OUT OF CONTROL. Screaming, crying, thrashing around like a fish out of water. It was like an out of body experience. Neither Josh or I really knew what to do because she never acts like that. It was causing her to cough A LOT. To the point where the nurse was like, “If she doesn’t stop coughing, it’s back to the OR!” Great. She gave her every bit of morphine she could and home girl still wouldn’t calm down! Finally we gave her a breathing treatment and that helped. Then some liquid pain medicine knocked her on out for a few minutes! When she woke up, she was Reece again! PRAISE THE LORD! She was in a great deal of pain for a solid week and a half. It was terrible. She didn’t eat a THING for 6 whole days. She didn’t even want ice cream. And taking pain medicine took 30 minutes because it hurt SO bad…and that was with us staying on top of it! Around the day 10 mark she started eating ice cream and macaroni and cheese and started to act more like herself. She still couldn’t dive in and eat whatever she wanted until day 14 but by then she was ready!

After my two patients were finally feeling better we decided we needed to make one last beach run before school starts this Thursday!

Pre-op AppointmentIMG_20150723_082946  Before surgery..IMG_20150726_075205 Starbucks will make you feel better!IMG_20150727_114931 Baby goats are growing like weeds!!!IMG_20150728_190058 Over the summer my big boys have hit growth spurts!!! IMG_20150723_184405I just can’t believe they are as big as me! Love them so!IMG_20150808_164042 It’s day 14 post op..we’re at the beach…and we are about to EAT!IMG_20150807_160619 Hermit crab race!IMG_20150808_150154   Seriously? He’s the coolest dude!IMG_20150809_152347 WHEW I am WORN OUT! Does summer really have to be over?

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