Friday, July 10, 2015

Fun Fourth of July and New Farm Friends

We had a fabulous Fourth of July! We spent most of the week at the beach, after getting Reece, Brooks and myself over strep throat! Yuck! There’s really no place I would rather be than watching fireworks on the beach!

You won’t see Peyton in any of these beach pictures. :( We had to make the hardest parenting decision we have EVER had to make and leave him in town. More on that later.

Other than missing Peyton, we had the best time! Playing on the beach with cousins and eating and having beach dates thanks to Paw Paw!IMG_20150705_215657

This kid…SO.MUCH.JOY!IMG_20150702_175630IMG_20150702_181531

After dinner on this night, I rode the Sky Coaster with Griffin! I rode it all the time when I was a teenager and it was time to introduce him! haha! He loves doing crazy things like this just like me so we had FUN! IMG_20150702_211426 Paw Paw called and said he was headed over with Pizza and a Piñata….so the four of us said, “See ya!” HA!IMG_20150703_171901 IMG_20150704_201533 IMG_20150704_194146

BIG NEWS from the farm!! I mentioned in my last post that we had a pregnant goat. Well, I KNEW she would have them while we were out of town! When we arrived home Reece, Brooks, Griffin and I headed to check on her….we were about halfway to their pasture and Reece squealed, “BABY GOATSSSSSSSS!” Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I practically through Brooks at Griffin because he wasn’t wearing shoes and ran and scooped those babies UP!(Terrible mother, I know.)

Have you EVER???? OH EM GEEEE! IMG_20150705_192650 Y’all!!! I’m so in love! One girl and one boy! Here’s our girl…IMG_20150708_175736   And here’s our boy…20150706_102346_resizedThey don’t have names yet…I’m trying to think of something cute and patriotic since they were born around the 4th of July! I thought about maybe Doodle and Dandy…but not sure yet! :) And since our male is not the daddy…we can keep the girl! :) Hubby says we can keep the boy too(we’ll just have to separate him). So, we’ll see! They just prance and jump and play…so fun!

We are all just smitten! :)

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