Monday, June 22, 2015

Catch Up!

I need to keep this thing up to date. Sheesh, we are so busy I just don’t have time! We’ve spent a lot of time at the beach this summer! If we aren’t in town working, we’re sitting in the sand!

B LOVES “Supaman”!IMG_20150607_111747 One Sunday evening just after we returned home from the beach we found a little surprise in the chicken coop! We had NO CLUE this was going to happen so it was fun!IMG_20150607_193500

We also have a pregnant goat! She had to of been pregnant when we bought her so we really have no idea when to expect our little kid! :) #goatwatch2015

We snuck away for a few days alone at the beach! Love spending time with my lover love!IMG_20150613_175040

One of our local Chick Fil A’s had Daddy/Daughter date night this past weekend! I had JUST mentioned to Josh that the two of them needed a date when we found out what CFA was doing so off they went! You had to make reservations and everything! They seated them, took their order and brought the food to them! So fun! And then of course they went to DQ for Blizzards! They had fun!IMG_20150620_172616   FB_IMG_1434941681466 20150620_183338That’s about as caught up as we are going to get today! 

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