Friday, August 14, 2015

Back to School, BOO HOO!

The kids went back to school yesterday! I’m really sad about it. I miss them like CRAZY. It’s lonely without them around. Plus, now we have to be responsible parents and make them go to bed on time, do their homework and take regular baths! HA!

Here they are in all their back to school glory! Griffin started 7th grade, Peyton 6th grade and Reece 2nd!20150813_061814_resized20150813_061909_resized20150813_061455_resized20150813_061546_resized20150813_070335_resized

20150813_070427_resized 20150813_070404_resizedMy babies are growing up! ;(     


Amy Faulkner said...

I want Reece's backpack! Where'd you get it?

April said...

I have a friend that ordered it and monogrammed on it for me! I think Katelyn's Korner in Northport has them too! She also has a matching lunchbox! :)