Friday, April 3, 2015

Meet Trixie!

We finally found Foxy a new friend! I trolled Craigslist like a crazy lady until I found one!

She’s almost solid black and has some beautiful baby blue eyes!!

I was a tiny bit worried at first. I saw her picture and started texting the man that had her. He told me about her and that he owns her parents and that she just had a baby that he sold a week ago. I fell in love with her and we set up a time to meet. Well, for Hubs to meet. AND THEN he proceeded to tell me that she’s not very friendly, she won’t come up to you AT ALL and is very skittish.

Well, crap.

Josh went to get her anyway. While he was there the man told him that she also likes to escape. Double crap. He brought her home anyway. He said that their pen was rickety and ours is not so he didn’t think she would be able to get out.

At first Foxy chased her around like a crazy kangaroo. She would jump up on her hind legs and kick the front ones. Poor new goat. Then after a day or so they were used to each other and now they are friends!

Just two days after we got her she was already eating out of my hand! I think she’s going to be just fine, she just needed a little attention! :)IMG_20150401_192355_resizedNow our goal is to find a male so WE CAN MAKE BABY GOATS!!!!!!

PS-I turned 33 Wednesday! OLD LADY STATUS! 

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