Thursday, April 30, 2015

Field Trip with Peyton!

Last Thursday I went on a field trip with Peyton to Chattanooga! We left super early that morning and returned super late that night! It was a fun day! He really surprised me because he told me ahead of time he wasn’t going to sit with me on the bus. I have to sit in the front to keep from being sick(still doesn’t work) and he wanted to sit in the back with his friends! WELL, when we got on the bus his “girlfriend” was sitting up front and had saved him a seat!!! He politely turned down his friends and sat with her! OH.MY.IMG_20150423_122154 IMG_20150423_053349 We went to Ruby Falls, ate lunch on the Riverboat, rode the Incline(FREAKY), went to Point Park and the Battles for Chattanooga Museum. I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures because 5th Graders. If you’ve ever had one you know that 30 something of them = WHEW. 20150423_152514_resized

OH. One more thing. When we were in the actual falls area of Ruby Falls, I didn’t stay close long because my hair was getting wet. It’s a large area so the parents kind of let the kids up front. Well, when that part was over and Peyton started walking back towards me he was holding Girlfriends HAND! WHAT? As in, the way the Hubs and I hold hands!!! Her mom was there also and we about died. Right there.

I can’t even.

It was a fun day!

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