Monday, March 30, 2015

Tubes(again!) for B!

Last May, Brooks got tubes in his ears. About 6 months or so ago one of the tubes started making it’s way out and he started having problems again. If you’ve never had a child with ear infections well, they are horrible. And now that he can talk he would say, “eah hut.” Talk about hurting my heart! Pitiful! Over the last 5 weeks he was on 3 different antibiotics to treat ear infections, none of which cleared them up. Back to the ENT we went and got tubes the very next day!

Here we are before they took him back. It was not as easy this time as it was the first time. Mainly because he is a year older! When we were in the holding area the nurses desk was directly in front of his bed and it had a box of doughnuts on it. He recognized the Krispy Kreme box quickly and kept saying, “Nonut PEEZE.”


He’s used to eating way earlier and was so hungry! I felt so bad.


He was more ill when waking up this time around, which we expected. After we were discharged, I got him something to eat and we headed home where he took a THREE hour nap! He woke up feeling fabulous and we went to eat at Taco Casa before Peyton’s ballgame!


So glad he’s feeling better!

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