Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tubes for Brooks!

Our sweet little man got himself a set of tubes in his ears yesterday! His ears have been infected since FEBRUARY and nothing we did cleared them up so we made the decision to get tubes. 

Here he is before surgery, all piled up in the bed with Daddy!IMG_20140506_071203

Griffin also had tubes when he was a baby at 15 months old(Peyton was born the VERY next day) so I knew what to expect. Babies generally scream for a LONG time after waking up from anesthesia and every nurse reminded us of that before taking him back. So when they called us to go back and get him I fully expected a crying baby. We were told to go down this hall and then another and then by that time we would hear him screaming so we would know where he was. Well we walked and walked and heard nothing. I glanced over to my right and in a little dark room behind a glass door I saw my little toot! He was piled up in his nurses lap…NOT CRYING. That little baby did not shed not one tear. He is SUCH a good baby.

When I got my hands on him I couldn’t help but cry. Not because of his surgery but because of all the mommies and daddies that have to do this for WAY more serious surgeries. I can’t imagine.


Other than drainage all day yesterday he was completely fine! We even went to brother’s baseball game last night!

I’m so thankful for healthy kids!

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