Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A day at the Georgia Aquarium

On Friday I went with Peyton’s class to the Georgia Aquarium. Poor guy has been waiting on this day for YEARS because at the other school the boys went to you went to the aquarium in 2nd grade, at the new school it’s 3rd grade! So, Griffin got to go two years in a row!

I get motion sickness very easy while riding in a car. There was no way I was going to ride the charter bus with a bunch of kids. I put my big girl panties on and made the drive to Atlanta by myself. I wasn’t stressed about getting to Atlanta, I was just worried about traffic and where to go once I was in Atlanta. The drive over was ok. Traffic came to a complete stop three times on the interstate because of construction. Once I was just about into downtown Atlanta I saw tons and tons of motorcycle cops and then tons and tons of patrol cars…all with their lights on. (They were on the opposite side of the road.) Then it hit me that it was the funeral procession for the two Atlanta Police Officers that died last week.

Shoot me.

Once I realized that my heart sank and tears came pouring! Like uncontrollable sobbing. I would have been this way even if I wasn’t pregnant. I’m sure other cop wives understand!:)

So, by the grace of the good Lord above ONLY did I make it to the aquarium! Because I really couldn’t even think straight.

Once I was there I waited a few minutes for the bus to arrive and then had a super fun time with my sweet little guy!

20121109_144305 DSC_0249

The 3.5 hour trip home was much less stressful! Plus Peyton could ride back with me so I wasn’t so lonely!20121109_174215 Never again will I drive that far without Officer Hubby by myself! EVA!


Lindsay Pavkovich said...

I drove to ATL by myself when Hunters class went to the aquarium and it was horrible. Why is that such a brutal drive? I got pulled over right when I crossed the GA line so that was lovely. I got out of it by telling them I was married to a cop in Tuscaloosa named Josh..LOLOL JK.

April said...

Bahahahahahaha!!!!!! I just laughed out loud at my desk! HA!