Friday, November 16, 2012

17 Weeks!


Oh em gee!! We’re having a baby!!!!!!!

And, no, Josh didn’t punch me in the eye. It got something in it and got scratched! So, it’s all junky.

How far along: 17 Weeks!

Size of the baby: According to Baby Center, about the size of a turnip, 5 ounces and 5 inches long!

Total weight gain/loss: Beats me!

Maternity clothes: Not today!

Stretch marks: Old one.

Sleep: Can’t get enough!

Best moment this week: I love my life. It’s always hard to pick a best moment. If I had to pick a moment, I would say this: Josh has my name tattooed in Japanese on his back. He was playing around with Reece the other night and she said, “Mommy, that’s your name on Daddy’s back! It sure looks messy!” HA!

Movement: Oh yes! Yesterday at work I was leaned back on a chair and felt a huge something. I shot straight up and I wish I could have seen my face! It felt like a kick you get when you’re 9 months pregnant. Weirdest thing ever. I’m not convinced that’s what it was but maybe? At bedtime last night I felt all kinds of little movement! :)

Food cravings/aversions: Eggs=no thank you! Guess it’s a good thing the chickens have backed off on laying a little! Sweet tea is my BFF. And sweet tea from FIG with lemon is my BFF 4-EVA! Fruit is so good!

Gender: Yes I still think it’s a girl. I am so sure I almost just want to go ahead and find out at my ultrasound. But, nope. Not gonna happen!

Labor signs: NO, thankfully.

Belly button in or out: In

What I am looking forward to: Thanksgiving foooooooood!

Weekly wisdom: People always say to me “I just don’t know how you do it.” Truth is I don’t do it. WE do it. As in April and Josh! If it wasn’t for my husband being so fabulous we would only have one kid! I’ve realized lately that a lot of moms are doing things on their on…husbands gone for a week on a business trip, hunting trips, etc. Thankfully mine doesn’t hunt. His hobby is his car! Which drives me bonkers sometimes but at least he is at home! He picks up the boys everyday from school and has their homework done by the time I get home. I pick up Reece from school, if it’s gymnastics day hubs has the boys bathed and fed by the time we get home. These are just a few things he does but if he wasn’t so involved, we would not have 4 kids! :)


Lindsay Pavkovich said...

I craved fruit SO bad when I was pregnant! I'm talking, ate a whole bag of grapes in one sitting. So obviously now I am convinced you're having a girl!

April said...

Yes!!! Especially green, crunchy grapes!! Haha!

I'm Cindi... said...

Love this baby bump, April!