Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gobble On!

Today we had Reece’s Thanksgiving lunch at school! It’s always fun to see the little ones dressed up like Indians and singing! DSC_0230 She actually sang this year! She sings ALL.THE.TIME. at home but when she gets in front of other people she usually doesn’t sing at all. She did today!

She thinks this part is the dumbest thing ever and just stands there…DSC_0231 I am certain that Indians wore hair bows..DSC_0234

photoSweet friends! Her BFF Mattie and sweet MJ(a fellow cop kid!).DSC_0236

Thanksgiving lunch at the boys’ school is tomorrow. We will sadly miss it because tomorrow is Peyton’s appointment with the cardiologist. We’re hopeful he has a perfectly healthy heart! :)

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