Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that we found out that one of our dogs has cancer. Boo.  Daisy is Reece’s baby. She carries her around everywhere and loves her to pieces! So do I but homegirl is attached! She had a knot come up on her neck, I took her to get it checked out and the vet thought it should come off. Which I did too because of where it was.

Sweet little baby snowseal!IMG_20120928_194414

When he removed the tumor the plan was for me to pick her up that afternoon. Well when I went to get her the vet told me that he wouldn’t charge me if I would rather just leave her overnight. YES! She was bleeding like crazy through the stitches and I was terrified that she would rip them out and then she really would be bleeding! The tumor was bigger than it appeared and the vet ended up having to open it back up and put some surgical gel in the wound so it would stop bleeding!

Needless to say, her first few days at home after the surgery were stressful! Her very most favorite thing to do in the world is rub on things, especially the couch, like a cat. Well she couldn’t do that because it would pull on the stitches and they would bleed!

Anyway, I took her today to get the stitches out and talk with the vet about what will happen next. The type of cancer she has can come back soon in the same place or come back years down the road. So, for now, we’re not worrying about her…she’s still her normal spunky self! And now she gets to sit on the couch! HAHA!

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