Friday, October 5, 2012

11 Weeks!

For the record, I do not like this picture. I feel fat today.DSC_0119

How far along: 11 weeks!

Size of the baby: According to Baby Center, about 1 1/2 inches long and about the size of a fig.

Total weight gain/loss: According to my doc, I’ve gained 4 pounds…but I really have gained 5!!!!! Holy cow. I KNOW part of that weight is my…ahem girls. They are HEAVY as all get out. Not that they weren’t before…it’s worse.

Maternity clothes: No, but I’m ready for them!

Stretch marks: Old one.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping well until last night. Not sure what was up with that.

Best moment this week: The best moment this week was SUPPOSED to be getting to see the baby yesterday. More on that later.

Movement: I wish!

Food cravings/aversions: I am starving ALL.THE.TIME. hence the 5 pounds I have gained. This week I craved pizza again. And COKE! I still can’t stand eggs.

Gender: Find out in April! :) or so I thought. Hubby reallllllllyyyyyyyyy wants to know. I think I might die. I realllllyyyyyyyyyyy want to wait. I told him since I have to be pregnant and then birth it then I get the final say. ;)

Labor signs: NO, thankfully.

Belly button in or out: In

What I am looking forward to: Jam packed weekend! Little Brother’s ball game tonight, Color run in the morning, my nephew spending the night tomorrow and my Sunday afternoon being FULL of birthday parties! :)

Weekly wisdom: Don’t make the pregnant lady mad.

Let me get y’all up to speed on my doctor’s appointment yesterday.  Grab the popcorn. My whole day was ruined. First of all, I have been seeing the same doctor for 12 years now. He has delivered all of our babies. I love him. When I started seeing him when I was 18 he had his own practice and a cozy office. Then just before I got pregnant with Reece he decided he wanted to teach and moved to our university’s medical center to do so. Yay for him, boo for me. It reminds me of what I think the health dept. would be like. There’s those types of people and the employees suck. They are always bickering which annoys me. Now the nurses are great, just the receptionist, etc. not so great.

For my first appointment with my first three children I have always seen my doctor and he has always done an ultrasound. This time when I made that first appointment I was told no different so I went expecting to see the baby. Well now your first appointment is a nurse appointment only. I was disappointed and felt bad for dragging Josh for no reason, but was not too upset. At the end of that appointment, I scheduled the ultrasound and my next doctor’s appointment for yesterday.

Hubby and I arrived at 9 for my appointment at 9:15. I signed in and took a seat. About 10 minutes later the receptionist called me up and informed me that the ultrasound tech was out sick. She was cold and didn’t care. I was pissed. At the very least they could have called me ahead of time to let me know so that I wouldn’t be there so early because my appt. to see my dr. was not until 9:45. PLUS I once again had my hubby with me for no reason. GRRRRRRR!

I have never been so mad. EVER. Then the longer we sat waiting in the waiting room the more mad and upset I got. I just am anxious about making sure everything is ok with the baby and that ummmmmmmm there’s not 14 babies in there! HAHA!

By the time I got back into a room I knew I was about to lose it. My doctor walked in the room and the tears came flowing! He felt so bad. And then he felt even worse when I told him it was my second disappointment! He got me rescheduled for next week. He feels all of his patients frustration, thankfully. Hopefully things will be better. The last thing I want to do is change doctors because the staff sucks!

If you made it to the end of this rant…you deserve a doughnut! OR some chocolate ice cream! ;)


Jaclyn Hicks said...

I'm so sorry you haven't been able to see you wee one yet. But I will be praying that you get to see him or her next week! By the way, you look great!

Amy F said...

I think we use the same Dr at UMC, and he delivered my first child last year. I know how you feel about the staff! They are all awful! Thank goodness the nurses are so wonderful, otherwise I may have changed doctors too. I told him almost every appointment that I wished he would get his own office again!

April said...

Thank you! You are too sweet!

April said...

I wish he would open his own practice again! With everyone complaining it makes me think he doesn't want to because he may be not too far from retiring. :/