Monday, October 8, 2012

Color Run!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun the Color Run was! We had the best time! Afterwards the kids told us we were the best parents EVER! :)

Lots of white before…20121006_082711 Photo by Skip Baumhower…Everyone had a fit over our tutu’s! :) 20121006_080747 20121006_083816


And lots of messy color after!20121006_101022 20121006_101105 20121006_102445

Another photo by Skip, thank goodness he was there because we obviously couldn’t take these! This is what happens when you finish the race…every 15 minutes each participant has their own color packet and you throw it all together! This is when we REALLY got covered!

Dude. This was FUN! The kids dumped theirs in their hair. I scrubbed their heads 3 times each and I still found more in Reece’s hair! HAHA!

There ended up being over 4500 participants. Some of the money raised will go to Read Bama Read, which is to put books back in the libraries destroyed by the tornado! So we had fun and it was for a GREAT cause! :)

Can’t wait for next year! Who wants to keep the baby?!! :)


Justin and Marcie said...

I soooo almost signed up for the one in Birmingham!!! I'll have to make sure I do it next year. CUTE pictures! Love the tutus :)

Nikki said...

Your family is so precious! Girl you rocked that tutu! Looks like y'all had so much fun!

April said...

Thanks girls! Can't wait to do it again!