Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hairy Situation

I think I blogged about this several months ago. Reece has been asking to get her hair cut as short as mine for a while now. While I think it would be SO cute, I’m just not ready for that. I still like to put her hair up in pigtails! So a couple of months ago she got her hair cut just below her shoulders. She loved it but she has still been asking for it “short like mommys”.

I had a hair appointment yesterday. Since we live in the boonies now, I’m not taking Reece all the way home and coming all the way back for my hair appointments. I would just rather take her with me. Plus, she’s no trouble at all. She just sits and eats a snack. Well on Monday when I told her we were going Tuesday to get my hair done she said, “And me too!!! I get my hair cut short like yours!”

Crapity crap!

I texted my fantabulous hair dresser to see if she could cut hers too. And of course she said yes!

Reece settled for a few highlights…

photo 2

I AM KIDDING!! We were just having a little fun!

…and about shoulder length! :)

photo 1

I think it’s cute as pie!

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