Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to School

The kiddies went back to school today! YIPPEE! I think they were getting kind of bored. Peyton was FOR SURE ready to go back. Griffin notsomuch. But whatever. That’s just how it is I guess.

DSC_0677I forgot to mention about Peyton loosing all of his teeth at one time! They just kept falling out and now he’s all snaggly! haha! Actually he lost one of his front teeth, then he lost the tooth on the other side of the other front he looked like a pirate! Then he lost the other front tooth and sometime in there he lost another top tooth. I think it’s cute!

DSC_0680 Reece actually started her new room at school last week. I was nervous because the teacher she has has only been there a few months, but ReeRee seems to love her!


And then there’s Griffin! Apparently he HATES school and he HATES me. ha. I try not to let the kids get under my skin when they say ugly things to me because they are mad at me but sometimes…like I don’t know after I’ve spent a TON of money on them for things, it really jabs me when they are mean! I also tell myself that if they think I’m mean every now and then, then that just means I’m doing my job as a mom! DSC_0683 Annnnddd this is how he was really looking at me all morning…


If anything, I’m honest!

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