Thursday, August 11, 2011

It’s a “c” not an “s” By golly!

When we picked out Reece’s name(she’s Isabella Reece) we didn’t purposely spell her name with a “c” instead of an “s”. That’s just how we started spelling it and that was how it was going to be! It’s most definitely spelled both ways, Reece and Reese.

In Reece’s school’s computer system or somewhere they have it spelled with an “s”. So each year when she “moves up” I have to tell the new teacher they have it spelled wrong. Yes, I’ve told the daycare…everything I get from them is spelled correctly, it’s must be just one little spot where they have it spelled wrong.

Now that the priss knows how to spell her name she handles things herself! Last night we were in the kitchen and she said to me,”Mommy, Ms. Belissa(Melissa) spelled my name R-E-E-S-E today and my name is spelled R-E-E-C-E and I TELD her that she spelled my name wrong and it’s REECE!”

I heart her!

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Cherry Berry said...

You tell 'em Reece!! That's too funny!!
The other day Grace's teacher put Gracie on her paper... I can't stand for her to be called Gracie (even though it slips out of my mouth occasionally). It's Grace! Lol. But the teacher apparently realized that she wrote it wrong and corrected it and wrote "Sorry!" on there. Haha!
I also have issues with her first name. Vivianne is pronounced just like it's spelled... Vivi-anne... But people still just say Vivian. Frustrates me so bad!!