Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Griffin!

Is my baby boy really 8??!! Gosh, time flies so fast. I love birthdays, but I hate that my babies have to turn a year older to have one! haha!

It’s fun to think back to what Josh and I were doing eight years ago right now! And last night we were thinking that eight years ago we had NO clue what was about to happen! Here’s the story in case you missed it!(I’m gonna have to find it and post it later, check back!)

Griffin’s party was a hit! The kids had so much fun! They were on the move the entire party and we had to bribe them to slow down long enough to open presents and eat cake!

My sweet little(or not so little) fam! DSC_1208DSC01739DSC01738DSC01742Table decorations…DSC01743DSC01744DSC01777DSC01808”Happy Birthday to you…”DSC_1253DSC_1255DSC_1249Cute cupcake toppers made by ME!DSC01737DSC_1193DSC_1204DSC_1246DSC_1245Griffin and MimiDSC_1221Me and the sister!DSC_1209Us with Big Mama!DSC_1206Banner made by ME! Woop woop!DSC01747DSC_1203DSC01746DSC01807Escape artist…DSC01779DSC01762Giving sugar to his fav!DSC01753Sweetest little lamb I know!DSC01752

I’ll be back to post the invitation as soon as I get a chance tonight! We’re off to Chick-fil-a for the birthday boys’ dinner! His choice! haha!


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Brittany said...

okay, you are an awesome party planner! Everything looked so great! LOVE LOVE LOVE the table decorations!!