Thursday, October 7, 2010

Officer Hubby, The Drunk

The following story has transpired over the last few weeks and hubby FORGOT to tell me! We’ve been that busy…but don’t you worry your pretty little head, he got in trouble because he KNEW this was blog worthy! hee hee!

A couple of months ago Hubby sold his car so he could get that fast and furious car that I told you about. Actually, we have a family member that owns a car dealership and the family member sold it….AND forgot to take the license plate off of it before the new owner left with the car. Big no no. A few weeks ago new owner dude had the car parked somewhere it shouldn’t and the license plate was ran…it was no big deal because whoever ran it knows Josh from work, but they did let him know.

Then, sometime last week, new owner dude was apparently involved in a hit and run and was found passed out in the car on the strip(happening place on the UA campus if you don’t live here!) An officer from TPD(where Josh used to work) found him…this officer is newer and doesn’t know who hubby is. New owner dude is so passed out that he can’t even tell the officer his name soooooooo officer runs the plate and it comes back to Josh C. This was over the radio and allllll of Josh’s buddies started calling each other…trying to figure out what the crap my husband was doing passed out in a car….”he must be out celebrating his new job…no, his wife would never let him do that!” haha. One of them finally just decided to head on over to where “Josh” was and get him and take him home. As soon as he got there he realized that it wasn’t him…

Needless to say, Officer Hubby got his license plate back the next day…


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