Monday, November 10, 2008

Roll Tide 10-0!!!

Whew! What a game! We knew ahead of time that this would be our toughest game so far this season and LSU was very prepared for us! Luckily, or maybe it was just skill, we pulled it off! I am very excited for our team! We went to Mimi and Pop's to watch the game and man were we rowdy! I don't think I have ever heard so much screaming and yelling and jumping up and down! It was so much fun! This week we play Mississippi State, hopefully we will win once again!

On a not so nice note......Did you see what LSU did?

I can not believe that LSU would condone something like this. If someone tried to do anything like this in T-Town, our cops would be on them like white on rice. Not that our fans would EVER stoop so low... This was the "Nick Saban Burning" that they did at their freakin' pep rally. And, the "scare crow Saban" burned really quick and so then they were all standing there burning a cross.....what retards! That is taking it a little bit too the end, it's just a game people! And, I am sure that Nick didn't think twice about this crap, that's just how he is...Roll Tide!

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