Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Puke, Puke and Puke Some More!!!!

YUCK! That's how Josh and April have been! We had a wonderful weekend, capped off by a stomach bug! Master P vomited at school on Thursday afternoon right before I got there to pick him up. We decided it was just a fluke thing becuase he didn't act sick or throw up anymore. Sunday morning, while still asleep, Baby Girl started puking. She threw up three times in about 20 minutes! But, after that, she was fine. We went to the farm Sunday afternoon and I didn't feel so hot. By the time we got home and got all the kids in the bed I was really starting to feel sick. Josh had to work and soon after he left I started throwing up. I thought that maybe since the kids only threw up like once, maybe I would be so lucky. Not. So. Much. I threw up about 15 times in about 4 hours, no joke. Poor Josh, I was calling him crying every five minutes seriously and he was trying to work. I love him, he always listens to me whine! :) And Mom...I was calling her too, but I decided not to call her as much in case I ended up having to get her to come to the house......welllll......around 1:15ish Baby Girl woke up. I got up and took her to the changing table to change her when all of a sudden I couldn't see!!!! I was about to pass out and my sweet baby was lying there and would fall off the changing table!!! I somehow managed to get a diaper on her and get to the living room and put her down in the floor. (I seriously don't remember any of that!) I found the phone and called Mom to rush over! Finally after I layed in the floor for a while I was ok. Baby Girl thought that it was hilarious that Mimi was over at 2am! She laughed and laughed! After that I didn't puke anymore! Thank goodness! Unfortunately, Josh got it next. :( He seems to feel a little better today though.

One of the first things I have been doing lately when I wake up in the mornings is check on Lola. Yesterday I of course stayed home because I was sick all night. I looked out the back door and she wasn't there. I went outside and didn't see her. Since our backyard is fenced in I was puzzled. So, I asked Mako. ha! I am not kidding! And as soon as I said, "Mako, where's Lola?" he took off running to the very back of the backyard where I couldn't see. I called Josh who was on his way home from work and told him that I thought we had puppies!!! When he got home he walked back there and sure enough...she was having them!!! So he made her a bed in the garage and put her in there. Guess how many we have!!!!!!! 12!!!!!!! Holy freakin' cow! So, needless to say, we will be feeding some puppies ourselves.

Here are some pics of the puppies as well as some of the things we got into this weekend!

We made turkey cookies!

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