Monday, November 3, 2008

WOW what a weekend...the celebrity encounter!

On Friday, we of course took the kids Trick-or-Treating. We stayed mostly in our neighborhood other than going to Big Mama's. They had tons of fun and got TONS of candy, which will slowly but surely disappear from the pantry. Sorry folks, I don't keep candy in the house, it makes the boys out of control, especially G-Man. Saturday I took the kiddos to Hubby's wonderful parents who were keeping ALL THREE of them for the day so that I could go to the game! THANK YOU GRANNA AND PAW PAW! Upon arriving in the was just a tad "stuffy". Crap. We can't act like the redneck fans we really are!!! No chanting cheers...what about Rammer Jammer..I HAVE TO do the Rammer Jammer cheer!!! The Bryant family(Yes, as in Paul Bryant!!) was nice enough to ask us to sit in their Skybox with them and so we couldn't act like idiots! But then they started drinking!!! THANK GOODNESS!!! So, by the end of the first quarter, we were no longer yelling cheers by ourselves! The day before a little birdy(hee hee) had told Sister Allison that not only was Sara Evans going to be there as we had expected but her dear old pal Eva Longoria was coming with her!!!!! HOLY FREAKIN' COW!! So, at halftime, we looked at each other, then back at the band taking the field, then back at each other and said, "Let's go find them!" It didn't take us long because they were going to visit another Skybox and there they were just outside our door! Eva was stuck up and didn't speak or even look our way for that matter...we were literally inches apart from them..but Sara Evans spoke to us. We got a few pics on Allison's camera so as soon as she blogs you will be able to see them there! Oh AND OUR now #1!!!!! Whooooo Hoooo! The final score on Saturday was 'bout that shut out!!!! And how about Nick Saben for President? If he turned the Tide around in a little over a year, I wonder what he could do for our country? ha! Speaking of, DON'T FORGET TO VOTE TOMORROW!!!

If you are wondering where Hubby was during all the Game Day action...he had to work the night before, so he was sleeping..dreaming of me, of course! :)
Our Little Football Player

Little Lamb

Pirate!! arghhh!

Mommy, You're the Bestest!!

Jay Barker, Sara Evans, Mal Moore, Eva Longoria

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