Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy Birthday Brooks!

On Saturday Brooks turned 4! I like it when my kids have a weekend birthday because I get to be with them the whole day BUT then I feel obligated to do their party on that day and end up having to share! haha! None the less, we had his party on his birthday at Monkey Joe's! He had a blast with family and friends! After the party we went home and played with all his new toys and then went to eat. We always let the birthday child choose where they want to eat for their birthday and B chose Mexican! He's totally my child! He wanted his fav guacamole so that's just where we went!

 How cute are our PRECIOUS grandmothers???? SO VERY!

I could  kiss his face OFF!

He was fake sleeping but I really think he would have gone to sleep! He was so tired!!

I can tell you right now just by looking at this picture that those two were up to something and Reece was like, "Um NO!" hahaha!

 Time for guac! Yeehaw!

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