Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Piggie Probs

A few months ago our Tucker passed away. It was sudden. We didn't know anything was wrong. We still don't know what happened. I debated on whether or not I wanted another pig for a while. Then a friend posted some babies for sale on FB and well, I couldn't resist!

I put the deposit down and told her I wanted a female. No reason, just to be different I guess. The piggie was ready just before we left for Disney but they said they would keep her for me until we returned. The day after we got home I worked it out so that we could pick up the piggie! We were going to name her Minnie Pearl! :) Well, piggie was pretty upset when we got it so it rode in my lap all the way home. When we got there I put it down in the living room so we could pet it and immediately noticed that IT WAS A BOY! haha! SO, meet Romeo! :)

He's cute, right?! Yea, well, he's BUCK WILD. Like, I haven't touched him since putting him in the pen WEEKS ago. He will NOT come near any of us. :( 

In the effort to not miss Tucker, this made it worse. I miss him wanting a scratch on the back and him scratching his booty on the fence post. :(

I guess I'll just keep trying with little Romeo. 

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