Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Peyton the Trombonist!

Back when Peyton was so sick with Mono, he missed instrument selection night for band at school. Supposedly he wasn’t contagious at the time but he still felt HORRIBLE and I just didn’t feel comfortable sharing instruments with a bunch of other kids just in case. Because mono is the devil and we didn’t want to share. The band director is fabulous and he said he would just test him in class. He wanted to play percussion because what boy doesn’t? But that was full, he sounded really great on the trombone(per the director, he is so excited about this!) so the trombone it is! 2015-09-30 12.58.13 If you hear scary noises coming from our house at night, no worries, we’re just learning to play! #forrealthough #scary

Before we know it, he’ll be playing some tunes!

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